IMAGE: Fire Truck at DDHS

UPDATE 10:02 a.m.:

Fire crews have determined it was a faulty detector in the ductwork near the pool area. School operations are resuming again as normal. All students and staff are safe.


Students and staff at DDHS were evacuated from the building about 9:37 a.m. today, Wednesday, Jan. 17 2018, for an activated fire alarm.

The city of Delavan fire department arrived on scene within minutes. Fire department officials are still investigating the cause of the alarm trigger. It may be related to something in the Heating and Ventilation Systems near the pool area.

Students were allowed back into the building about 9:52 a.m.

All students are safe and accounted for, and will continue on with their school day.

We will provide any further updates to this post as they become known.


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