Be A Part of DLE

IMAGE: Dual Language classroom

Who can be a part of the DLE Program?

  • Any student who is eligible to enter 4K or 5K by September 1st, of the upcoming school year.
  • We encourage families with special needs children to explore the DLE program as an enriching part of their child’s education.
  • Students from other districts are encouraged to enroll through the state’s Open Enrollment option.

When and how do I apply for DLE

  • Fill out the “Student Interest Form” and drop it off at the Wileman or Turtle Creek main office, or at the School Administration Center (SAC).
  • Apply at one of our “Parent Informational Meetings,” which are held during second semester of the school year.
  • Call to schedule a DLE classroom visit so you can see the program in action! Contact the school principal at Wileman or Turtle Creek for specific dates and times.
  • Contact the Dual Language Program’s director to address any unanswered questions and for additional information.