About DLE

About dual language education programs

Dual Language Education (DLE) Programs are educational programs that teach academic content through two partner languages — for example, in Delavan-Darien’s program, English and Spanish.

DLE consists of two forms: One-Way Immersion and Two-Way Immersion.

A One-Way Immersion classroom consists of students of one language background who are taught academic content in English and the partner language.

A Two-Way Immersion classroom consists of native speakers of English and native speakers of the partner language*, who are taught academic content in English and in the partner language.

In the DLE classroom each content area is taught in a specified language, and is not translated or taught a second time in the other language.

Cultural awareness is embedded in instructional practices, instructional materials and through peer interaction.

Speak another language?

*Native speakers of other languages different than English or the partner language can also be part of the program!

Check it out:

It’s well known that being bilingual has cognitive benefits: switching between two languages has been compared to mental gymnastics. But now, research suggests that mastering two languages can fundamentally alter the structure of your brain, rewiring it to work differently than the brains of those who only speak one language.

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