Darien Career Day 2017 - Surgical Nurse

Surgical nurse Rachel Cook talks about her job with Darien fourth and fifth graders. Click pic for more images in our gallery.

Special Thanks to the professionals who came to speak to students at Darien Elementary’s Career Day today (Feb. 16)!

Our volunteers included:

  • Jim Hansen-Military
  • Dr. Jeff Scherer-Doctor
  • Justin Schuenke-Firefighter
  • Dr. Chapman-Veterinarian
  • Brad Schroeder-Police Officer
  • Mike Bishop-Engineer
  • Steven Harvey-Lawyer
  • Rachel Cook-Surgery Nurse
  • Luis Solis-Painter
  • Kofi Yartey-Civil Engineer
  • Andy Sorg-Butcher/Farmer
  • Lisa Cook-Xray Technician
  • Ron Sandoval-Teacher/School Administrator

In addition to speaking about the day-to-day of their work, the career professionals also spoke about how they use the Comet Code every day in their jobs. Whether it’s at work or at school, it’s always good to Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe and Be A Learner!


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