Student Services Page

The student services staff within each building provides services in the areas of counseling, social work, school psychology, and nursing. These professionals work with staff, parents and community resources to assist students in personal, social, educational, and health development through individual, small or large group sessions as well as collaboration with other staff.

Services include:

  • Individual counseling concerning social and personal issues.
  • Screening and assessments for academic, social and emotional needs.
  • Classroom discussions.
  • Consultation with teachers and parents.
  • Developmental guidance activities covering topics such as decision-making, feelings, friendship, cooperation, conflict resolution, drug awareness, and safety issues.
  • Special education needs assessment, which may include individual measurements of intellectual functioning, academic performance, social behavior, perceptual motor development, and adaptive behavior functioning.
  • Small group work, such as new student groups, family change groups, friendship groups, social skills groups, goal setting, and drug and alcohol awareness.
  • Alcohol and other drug screening or resource information and concerned persons groups.
  • Emergency nursing services and maintenance of immunization and health records.
  • Public health services, disease prevention, health promotion.

Building Consultation Team

Student Services staff also function as part of a Student of Concern Team, commonly called SOC. The SOC Team is a problem-solving group where teachers, other staff and parents (when appropriate), meet to discuss student needs.

Student Services Staff Assist In:

  • Reviewing information and discussing alternatives for working with students in regular education.
  • Clarifying concerns about students in regular education.
  • Meeting with parents, teachers and other support personnel about student needs.
  • Coordinating the efforts of school staff in meeting student needs.
  • Provide individual and group support at-risk students.

School Site Assistants:

A nurse’s assistant is in each school health office, providing basic health services to students. Those services include emergency care, medication dispensing, maintaining immunization and health records, and screening students for communicable diseases. School nurses manage the school health program and collaborate with community health agencies to improve the health and health education of all students.

For more information, contact the district’s nurse.