Elementary Model

IMAGE: Elementary School Students

Delavan-Darien is now following a “center school” format for its elementary buildings.

No longer do students go to the neighborhood school closest to their home.

Instead, our three elementary buildings are divided by grade level:

  • Wileman — Early elementary (Headstart, 4-year-old Kindergarten, 5-year-old Kindergarten)
  • Turtle Creek — Grades 1-3
  • Darien — Grades 4-5

By having entire graduating classes together from the very first day of school until the very last, students will get to know their classmates better than ever, and will have more educational options when it comes to selecting the teacher or teachers who can best meet students’ needs.

The model also spreads diversity across the entire district. No longer is there a school that’s better on “one side of the tracks” vs another school within the district.

The model also benefits students who move homes within district boundaries. Such students will not have to worry about meeting new classmates or getting to know a new teacher. They’ll simply get on a different bus or find another route to school. Same teacher. Same classroom. No learning lost!