IMAGE: Ashley Brouwer

Ashley Brouwer’s graduation photo.

Delavan-Darien High School alumna Ashley Brouwer is part of a small group of thespians and theater lovers who have brought the Belfry Theater back to life.

Brouwer, a DDHS Class of 2014 grad, is the theater director for the Belfry, a small theater where actors including Harrison Ford, Gary Bergoff and Paul Newman got their start in professional acting.

The theater is located on Highway 67, just south of Highway 50, in the Town of Delavan.


Browuer’s job is arranging accommodations and making sure the artists’ needs are met for their performances, according to an article in the Lake Geneva Regional News.

“It’s been a wild ride,” Brouwer told the paper. “It’s been kind of crazy, but kind of fun.”

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