Delavan-Darien Academic And Career Planning


The ACP Model is broken down into four parts. These include:

  1. Know (Who am I?)
  2. Explore (What do I want to do?)
  3. Plan (How do I get there?)
  4. Go (Do it!)

All four aspects of academic and career planning are addressed starting in 6th grade.

IMAGE: Academic and Career Planning Puzzle Graphic 

The ACP Components Table below provides a more detailed outline of the different elements that make up academic and career planning.  Counselors and teachers implement components of ACP during homeroom and in it is embedded in various courses 6th-12th grade. Career Cruising, a software program provided by DPI, will be used to explore interests, learning styles, and a variety of careers that link to student interests.  Students are able to access different components of ACP through:

  • Self Awareness:  Know
    • What interests me? What are my strongest skills?  What is my preferred learning style? What skills would I like to develop before I graduate?
  • Exploration: Explore
    • What careers am I most interested in and why? What type of degree or certificate do I need to support my post secondary goals?  Will this career choice support what I want for my financial future, where I want to live and family life?  What volunteer and extracurricular activities will support my interests?
  • Career Planning:  Plan
    • What will I need to provide a competitive application for my preferred school or job? What internal and eternal courses can I take to continue to explore my interests? What schools offer a degree in my areas of interest? What ACT scores or other assessments are required for preferred school, job or internship admission? What scholarships are available?
  • Management:  Go
    • Students are active participants in their academic and career planning process by reviewing/modifying course selections and personal goals and conferencing with counselors, teachers, community members and parents.

IMAGE: Text table showing all components of the Academic and Career Plan