Virtual Tour

Sit back and take a virtual tour of our excellent school buildings without leaving the comfort of your home.

Choose the building(s) you want to see from the tabs below and click the “play” button for any room(s) you want to see! (*Note: More rooms coming soon.)

DDHS Auditorium

DDHS Art Workroom

DDHS Computer Lab

DDHS Cafeteria

DDHS Classrooms (Various)

DDHS Metals Lab

DDHS Project Lead the Way Lab

DDHS Woods Lab

DDHS Large Group Study Hall

DDHS Learning Commons (Library)

DDHS Choir Room

DDHS Orchestra Room

DDHS Gym - Main

DDHS Gym - Small

DDHS Dance Studio

DDHS Weight Room

DDHS Biology Lab

DDHS Physics Lab

DDHS Special Education Classroom