Teacher Qualifications

We employ a teaching staff of 171 certified educators in our five schools. Of those, 115 have obtained a master’s degree and one has a doctorate. So you know your child is going to have well-qualified and well-educated teachers.
At Delavan-Darien High School alone nearly 70 percent of the teaching staff has obtained a master’s degree or above. The median length of teaching experience there is nearly 11 years. And, teachers throughout the district are continually improving themselves by taking continuing education courses through various local, regional and online colleges and universities.

All teachers in our schools are certified and licensed as required by the state of Wisconsin.

Additionally, Superintendent Robert Crist, Director of Pupil Services Sara Halberg, and DDHS Principal Mark Schmitt have attained a Doctorate of Education Degree, the highest degree in the field of education.

To learn more about our teaching staff, our support staff and our administrative team, check out the staff bio pages by using the links in the right column. We think you’ll be rather impressed by the breadth of our teaching staff, the things they’ve done, the experiences they’ve had and the many honors bestowed upon them