Strategic Plan

In September and October of 2011, the Delavan-Darien School District Board of Education (School Board), with the hopes of achieving district-wide improvement, approved the development of a new strategic plan for the District.

The new plan, which has become a long-term guide for the District, was approved Monday, July 23, 2012. The plan is a product of thoughts and ideas of 116 school district employees, parents, students, members of the School Board and community members.

The Strategic Plans were created through consensus. It was not a “majority rules” process. Consensus agreements were made throughout the entire process, making everyone who is involved is responsible for agreement of the plan. It was developed through consensus and it passed unanimously at the special board meeting July 23. The plans have now become governance in the district.

Dr. Howard Feddema, an expert in strategic planning for educational agencies, facilitated the progress of the strategic planning process. He has more than 20 years experience doing strategic planning for schools and has completed more than 190 plans in his career, including for the School District of Beloit and Westosha Central School District. He also has experience as a high school teacher and high-level member of school district administrative staff.

While an experienced educator and strategic plan facilitator, the plan is not Feddema’s creation, but one of the individuals who have a vested interest in the Delavan-Darien School District. He was a guide to help get planners through the process.

Plan Components

A statement that is a formal expression of the organization’s (community’s) fundamental values: its ethical code, its overriding convictions, its inviolate commitments.

A statement that is a clear and concise expression of the district’s identity, purpose, and the means of action.

Strategic Parameters
Limitations the organization places upon itself. They are things the organization either will never do or will always do. The intent is concentration of effort on the mission and objectives.

The planning organization’s commitment to achieve specific, measurable end results in terms of student success, achievement and/or performance.

The most important part of the planning discipline. In particular, the articulation of bold initiatives through which the organization will deploy its resources toward the stated mission and objectives.

In addition, the team conducts extensive analyses of:

  • Internal Factors: A thorough, unbiased, tripartite examination of the organization: strengths, weaknesses, and a critique of the organizational design.
  • External Factors: An examination of those forces which an organization has little or no control, such as social, political, economic, demographic, technological, or educational trends.
  • Competition: Any other organization providing the same service in the marketplace.
  • Critical Issues: Threats and opportunities redefined strategically.

Download Planning Documents

Strategic Plan Summary
Strategic Plan Summary
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Strategic Plan Action Steps
Strategic Plan Action Steps
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Strategic Planning Databook

The Strategic Planning Data Book for the Delavan-Darien School District was completed in November 2011. It contains a wealth of statistical data about the district and compares our “stats” to other schools and state average in many areas.

Download a copy of the book:

Strategic Plan Data Book (10.3 MiB, 187 downloads)


Call or e-mail Mike Heine, District Coordinator of School/Community Relations and Internal Coordinator for Strategic Planning.
(262) 233-6762