2017 DDHS Prom Court

The DDHS 2017 Prom Court (from left): Dakota Williams, Junior; Taiya Schroeder, Freshman; Dakota Lynn, Junior; Emily Guzman, Junior; Madeleine Freitag, Junior; Ricardo Huerta, Senior; Sydney Anderson, Sophomore; Caleb Reshkus, Sophomore; Laura Farley, Junior; Matt Fahey, Junior; Ross Morgan, Junior; Bridgette Kolego, Freshman; Jordan Ziolkowski, Senior; Jackie Damrow, Senior; Robert Zaratzian, Senior; Nilda Ruvalcaba, Senior; Jason Cano, Junior; Abi Perez, Junior; Seth Grabow, Junior; Mitchell Lewis, Junior; Carol Lima, Junior; Johana Mendez, Junior; Ana Martinez, Junior.
Seth Grabow was voted Prom King, and Madeleine Freitag was the Prom Queen.
Prom was held Saturday, March 18, at the Riviera Ballroom in Lake Geneva.. CLICK PIC for more photos in our GALLERY.

Introducing the 2017 Delavan-Darien High School Prom Court (March 17, 2017). Some interesting and fun “skits” by our prom representatives, candidates and escorts! #DDCometProud



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