John T. Benson, former Superintendent for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, once wrote,

“Wisconsin has long been a model for other states in terms of education quality. However, the world is rapidly becoming a more complex place. As a result, we must expect greater academic achievement from our children today if they are to be adequately prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

"The only way to ensure that Wisconsin’s students have the skills and abilities to be successful in this rapidly changing technological world is to set clear, high academic standards that describe precisely what today’s students must learn and be able to do in order to be successful in their adult lives. This is why we focused on. . . creating model academic standards in all subject areas.”

It is important that the parents of Delavan-Darien School District students understand and embrace these standards since they are used to measure the learning success of our children.

In our school district, we have worked hard to align our curriculum, instruction and assessments with the standards. The Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam (WKCE) tests students on these specific standards and provides feedback on achievement tied to them as well. Also, our report cards inform parents regarding the academic growth of their children with respect to the standards.

Clearly, this initiative has become institutionalized and will be a part of how we educate and measure student growth and success for years to come. We are committed to educating our parents with regard to these standards in a continued effort to engage them as partners in learning for the benefit of their children.

Our curriculum is continually updated and refined to ensure the best practices are being implemented in the classroom, and our students are exposed to quality teaching. Teachers work together, across grades and subjects, to better themselves and their peers with the goal of providing consistent, quality educational opportunities.

Since there is no "one-size-fits all" approach, we are constantly exploring and using various ways to instill knowledge in our students that will last them a lifetime on whichever future paths they may make.